AnniesDishList hopes to help demystify the tiny kitchen conundrum. Living in a large city but in a small apartment, has forced me to pare down to what is necessary and taught me to be an excellent curator of fine, fresh and basic foods, a decent tweaker of amazing recipes and sometimes an inventor of my own.

I am not a professional chef…just someone with an intense passion for cookware, kitchen gadgets, cooking and entertaining.

If you enjoy this, you can follow me on Twitter @anniesdishlist


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello my dear. Love, love. Love the dishlist. On a side note; I believe the shrimp guy on the beach had a distinct lisp… More like “fwesh shwimp.”. Yours in ND. Jen

  2. Annie – so delighted to have found your “dish list”. So far I have enjoyed reading every entry and plan to start trying some of these recipes when I get back home. WIll let you know how they turn out! Gloria from Texas

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